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CPPC Program Brochure

What is Community Partnerships for Protecting Children (CPPC) Community Partnerships for Protecting Children (CPPC) is an approach that recognizes “keeping children safe is everybody’s business.
Community Partnerships for Protecting Children (CPPC) is an approach that recognizes “keeping children safe is everybody’s business.


It’s an approach that neighborhoods, town, cities and states can adopt to improve how children are protected from maltreatment.


A Community Partnerships is not a “program” rather; it is a way of working with families that helps services to be more inviting, needs-based, accessible and relevant.


It’s an opportunity for community members to get involved in helping families in need, and in shaping the types of services and supports needed by these families.


It is a partnership of public and private agencies, systems, community members and professionals who work together to: prevent maltreatment before it occurs; respond quickly and effectively when it does occur; reduce the re-occurrence of child maltreatment, through tailored family interventions.


The Four Strategies:  

Shared Decision Making Team: This group takes responsibility for setting the ongoing direction of the partnerships and takes the lead efforts to reach out to neighborhood residents, parents, local faith institutions and schools and to inform the broader public about the purpose and benefits of community child protection.


Family Team Decision-Making: Is both a philosophy and a practice strategy for delivering services to families in crises. The process is meant to empower the family to develop their own goals and plans on how to meet those goals.


Policy and Practice Changes: A Policy and practice change task team has been developed to discuss current policy/practice in place that may create barriers for the best way to keep kids safe in the community.


Community/Neighborhood Networking: Each partnership creates a network of agencies, neighborhood groups, and families to support the overall mission of the community child protections.  Networks develop community “hubs” places that provide the base of operations for partnerships related activities in the area.  CPS staff who are linked with these hubs are easily accessible to families, work closely with other service providers, and learn more about the unique characteristics of the community in which they work.



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